Trump Attorney’s Eye-Popping Claim On Live TV Sounds Like A Confession

Trump Attorney's Eye-Popping Claim On Live TV Sounds Like A Confession

In fact, Alina Habba said on Fox News on Wednesday that the files were kept in an office where Trump “frequently” had guests.

Habba took issue with a photo the Justice Department included in its legal brief detailing the reason for the search warrant and what was discovered. That image showed top secret documents and other classified materials, with key information covered up, arranged on the floor:

“I do have firsthand knowledge, as you know. I have been down there, I’m down there frequently,” Habba told Sean Hannity. “I have never seen that. I have never, ever seen that. That is not the way his office looks. Anybody that knows President Trump’s office, he has guests frequently there, it’s just a joke.”

Trump’s attorneys, advisers and insiders have come up with a number of unusual defenses for this stash of sensitive documents.

Rudy Giuliani, who served as Trump’s attorney after he lost the 2020 election, recently claimed Trump was just keeping them safe. And Trump attorney Christina Bobb said on Fox News that the documents were secure at Mar-a-Lago because “only certain members of staff can get there, and then there’s only one key” and “a limited number of people” had access to that area.

Observers were flummoxed by Habba’s latest comments:

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