Total solar eclipse brings darkness to Antarctic summer

Video released by means of NASA shows a complete sun eclipse as noticed from Western Antarctica on Saturday.

The Earth’s southernmost continent reports chronic daylight from mid-October until early April, however the eclipse introduced a couple of mins of general darkness.

NASA mentioned the period of totality began at 2:44 a.m. ET. 

A sun eclipse occurs whilst the moon moves among the sun and Earth, casting a shadow on the planet, fully or in part blocking the sun’s light in some spaces.

For a complete eclipse to happen the sun, moon, and Earth must be in a direct line. the only place that this total eclipse could be observed was once Antarctica.

The eclipse was once also anticipated to be visual partly from South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Australia on Saturday.

North The United States will get its next glimpse of a whole sun eclipse on April EIGHT, 2024.

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