This Ontario high school teacher mailed handwritten letters to each of her 80 students. Here’s why

An Ontario high school trainer wanted her students to understand any individual cared about them in this difficult start to the 12 months, so this month, she mailed a handwritten letter to every of them. 

“i wanted to place a grin on their face,” said Iman Al-Areibi, who teaches 3 classes at H.B. Beal Secondary Faculty in London.

“As I Used To Be writing these, i could see the tip product and i may see how they’re going to feel after they receive that letter whilst their name is on it.”

Al-Areibi mailed out 60 final week and another 20 this week.

certainly one of my daughter’s academics sent every of her students a hand written note within the mail. The kindness and encouragement brought tears to my eyes and boosted my daughter’s spirits. #onted


many of Al-Areibi’s students were thanking her over e mail, she mentioned.

“It made me feel like I did do something that really made a distinction for these scholars at a time that we’re locked down and we are shedding connections,” she stated.

This Ontario high school teacher mailed handwritten letters to each of her 80 students. Here's why

Al-Areibi despatched customized letters, together with this one to Meredith Lewkowitz, to EIGHTY scholars this January. (Submitted by way of Shawna Lewkowitz)

Meredith Lewkowitz, considered one of the scholars who received a personalized word, expressed appreciation for the trainer’s kindness.

“the cardboard intended a lot as it showed how a lot she cares about us as scholars and our neatly-being,” Meredith stated.

partially, the letter from her instructor reads: “i need to take this chance to mention thanks for a fantastic yr so far. thank you on your hard work and contributions to our elegance and faculty community. thanks for being you!”

Al-Areibi mentioned the letters intention to provide the scholars convenience as COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact daily life.

“i needed them to feel like issues are going to be GOOD ENOUGH,” mentioned the instructor, who’s excited students will likely be back within the lecture room on Monday after a overdue start to the 2022 session as a result of Ontario’s pandemic laws.

This Ontario high school teacher mailed handwritten letters to each of her 80 students. Here's why

Meredith says the letter from her teacher ‘confirmed how a lot she cares approximately us as students and our smartly-being.’ (Submitted through Meredith Lewkowitz)

“I Know how hard it’s been for them and shedding those connections with buddies,” she said. “We do still feel a little bit frightened about schools being safe for everyone, however we accept as true with the process and our college board and how laborious they’re working.” 

Monday will probably be a very simple day, with quite a lot of chatting, Al-Areibi mentioned.

“i have a lot of activities planned out just to get those relationships building talents back.”

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