Think you may have Omicron? Here are things you can do

The Omicron variation is so transmissible and so in style across Canada that it’s most probably that you just realize any person who has it presently, or you have it yourself.

The variation is shattering case data and sending test positivity charges hovering. As of Thursday, Ontario’s COVID-19 test positivity price is 29.2 in step with cent, while Quebec’s health minister mentioned the well being-care gadget is missing about 20,000 staff who have been infected with or exposed to the virus. 

“i feel that individuals are having an excessively arduous time wrapping their head round how so much that Omicron has changed the principles of the game and the way we’ve to switch how we maintain it in phrases of our personal particular person risks, to boot as our behaviour inside of a society,” said Dr. Matthew Oughton, in an interview with Dr. Brian Goldman, host of CBC podcast The Dose.  

The incubation period for Omicron is shorter compared to previous variants, and is about 3 days, says Oughton, an infectious sicknesses professional at Jewish Common Sanatorium in Montreal. 

Rules and steerage round what to do are converting abruptly, but there are a few key things you wish to recognise at the moment.

How to grasp if you may have Omicron

In Many portions of Canada, it may be extraordinarily tough to get get entry to to PCR trying out to determine if you’ve got COVID — and that is the reason if you happen to meet the criteria. Speedy antigen exams could also be simply as laborious to seek out.

If you could have the indicators of an higher respiratory tract an infection, “presently the probabilities that it’s Omicron are very, very prime,” stated Oughton.

Those signs include sore throat, runny nose, aches and pains, a dry cough, fever, nausea and diarrhea. Oughton cited that he is seeing fewer individuals who revel in a lack of taste or scent with Omicron as compared to previous variants, even though it is still happening to a couple.

Think you may have Omicron? Here are things you can do

for lots of other people who have or three doses of a COVID vaccine and who get Omicron, they are going to to find their signs may also be managed at home. Dr. Erin O’Connor says to drink quite a few fluids, and stay warm inside of. (Shutterstock)

if you happen to do have get right of entry to to a rapid test, check your self an afternoon or so after a suspected exposure, and do not assume that your bad consequence way you’re in the clear.

“Particularly if you will have compatible signs, take a terrible consequence with not just one grain of salt, however with maybe an entire truckload of salt,” mentioned Oughton.

If another person for your family has tested positive or has signs, it is almost definitely secure to assume you do, too.

“What we are seeing with … lovely early information is family attack rates are very, very prime with Omicron, even in comparison to different variations of SARS-CoV-2, and that was once already fairly high,” said Oughton.

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Think you may have Omicron? Here are things you can do

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in the event you can, it is necessary to get vaccinated or boosted.

For healthy individuals with or 3 doses of vaccine the symptoms are rather mild and tend to be over inside of a few days from whilst other people tested certain, says Dr. Erin O’Connor. She’s the deputy medical director of the emergency departments on the College Well Being Community in Toronto.

“Many patients we are seeing are now checking out sure before they have signs, so they are testing certain on a rapid antigen,” she stated. The Ones patients pass on to advance symptoms  or 3 days later, after which continuously to find their symptoms get started bettering 3 or four days after that.

how you can treat Omicron at home

If you understand or assume you have got Omicron, stay house. when you can, isolate from the remaining of your household.

“If you have got the luxurious of a living association where you’ll be able to have your personal slumbering quarters and bathroom and preferably, type of a sectioned off space of the home, i guess that is ideal,” said Oughton.

“However of course, that’s truly not the truth for plenty of, maybe even such a lot Canadians who’re facing this.”

So, he recommends covering at house, and starting home windows to enhance ventilation whilst you can, to help restrict transmission.  Oughton is conscious many places throughout Canada is also experiencing cold climate, so open home windows may be a restricted answer.

Think you may have Omicron? Here are things you can do

It can be difficult to isolate for your house when you live with others, so if you know or suspect you’ve got Omicron, you must masks inside of. (illpaxphotomatic/Shutterstock)

Stay warm and drink a variety of drinks, says Dr. O’Connor. She recommends taking ibuprofen (also known via the emblem name Advil) or acetaminophen (additionally referred to as Tylenol), or chilly and flu medication that includes the ones painkillers. be sure that to test with your pharmacist should you are taking different drugs that the ones painkillers would possibly intervene with.

“on the moment, we don’t have medicines that we will prescribe that somebody can take at home. For those patients with asthma who are having a wheeze with this, we might prescribe puffers for them to help out,” she said.

the right way to treat yourself at house in case you get COVID-19

O’Connor says that some individuals with better clinical chance are being despatched home from UHN hospitals with house oxygen displays, also referred to as pulse oximeters. She notes they can also be purchased on-line.

The device screens blood oxygen levels. most people may have a saturation of among NINETY SEVEN and 100 according to cent, she says.

“it can drop slightly bit less than that and still be safe. But at 92 in step with cent, we would be wanting you to return in for further examination,” she stated.

Whilst you need to seek hospital care

Serious chest pains and aggravating or severe shortness of breath are signs you desire to head to the medical institution. 

Very in poor health patients continuously feel wanting breath, says Dr. Lisa Salamon, an emergency doctor with Scarborough Well Being Community in Toronto.

“Infrequently they do not notice how in need of breath they’re until it’s too past due, particularly in more youthful patients,” she stated. “It was really surprising, a lot of these in poor health sufferers that i was seeing, their oxygen saturations were extraordinarily low and they just learned how in need of breath they had been once they came in.”

Think you may have Omicron? Here are things you can do

people who enjoy serious shortness of breath and chest pains must seek hospital treatment, says Dr. Matthew Oughton. (CBC/Radio-Canada)

Dr. Oughton says other indicators include power fever that lasts a minimum of days, if no more, and center palpitations.

“if your middle is lacking beats or skipping beats or if your middle’s truly racing, those could be the other warning signs that actually need to be taken very significantly,” he said.

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O’Connor says that many emergency departments throughout Canada are providing digital consultations, and she or he indicates other people check out that first prior to coming to hospital. 

“in case you do have the option, please use the virtual ED type of fashions to talk to a supplier who may give you a few recommendation about whether or not you need to move in or no longer,” she mentioned.

Salamon also stated it will be important for people who are seriously in poor health with COVID, or every other scientific condition, to hunt care on the health facility with out hesitation.

“People have to remember, in the event that they really feel in poor health, we don’t need them now not coming to the emergency division as a result of they are scared. we want them to seek the correct medical care,” she mentioned.

how you can choose a masks that protects

if you’re still dressed in a unmarried-ply fabric mask, it would possibly not provide you with sufficient coverage and it is time to look out one thing higher.

the best mask are N95s or equivalents, reminiscent of Canadian-made FN95 mask, besides as KN95s and KF94s. 

Oughton cautions that the U.S. Facilities for Disease Keep An Eye On recently warned approximately counterfeit respirators, like N95 mask, and says he wouldn’t be surprised if Canadians revel in the same issues.

Market also found some N95s held up higher than others in trying out.

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Think you may have Omicron? Here are things you can do

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within the period in-between, you’ll adapt present masks for better coverage to clear out particles within the surroundings.

“in case you use the fabric mask as an overlay over best of a surgical mask or a scientific masks … that form of improves the quality of the are compatible on your face,” stated Oughton.

Written and produced via Andrea Bellemare and Vik Adhopia.

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