Steve Bannon’s trial: Live updates

Steve Bannon's trial: Live updates

Steve Bannon’s attorney Evan Corcoran veered several times into subjects the court wouldn’t allow him to discuss with the jury as he wrapped up his closing argument for Bannon’s innocence.

A patter of objections from the Justice Department team that the judge agreed with led to a rocky final few minutes of Bannon’s case.

Among other things, Corcoran tried to allude to the politics of the House select committee, which Judge Carl Nichols had ruled had no role in the prosecution of the case.

He suggested maybe Bannon and his attorney made a mistake, before being cut off with an objection from DOJ.

Corcoran then began to speak about listening to a foreign country’s news while drinking his morning coffee, hearing about “people in power” trying to “silence the opposition.” That too prompted an objection, which the judge agreed with as well.

“We come to our political views honestly … no one should … face a criminal prosecution … based on politics,” he then said. Another objection, and more agreement from the judge.

Barely pausing by the end as the objections rolled in, Corcoran ended his speech saying, “politics can play no role.”

“It’s important we are all in this together, and Steve Bannon is innocent,” Corcoran said, his last words to the jury.

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