Some Waterloo region high schools taking doors off washrooms for ‘safety reasons’

A Cambridge, Ont., discern says she’s worried in regards to the privacy implications of a choice to remove the outside doorways from washrooms at a few Waterloo Region District secondary faculties.

The doorways at some colleges have been got rid of due to “public health concerns around congregating,” the board mentioned in an electronic mail. It didn’t difficult on those particular concerns nor would it not say how many schools have taken this step. 

The controversial resolution, alternatively, sparked outrage among a few folks — who’ve taken to social media to vent their frustration in regards to the lack of privateness. a lot of their issues echoed those of fogeys in Sackville, N.B., the place a college got rid of doorways this month to scale back vaping in washrooms, however reversed the decision after backlash in the community.

high school taking away washroom doorways to snuff out vaping

Ashley McBride learned in regards to the amendment while her daughter, who attends Jacob Hespeler Secondary Faculty, texted her a photograph of the washroom with its doorways removed. 

McBride mentioned she was annoyed as both a parent and an alumna. the toilet is a rare place the place students can go for a moment alone, she mentioned, which is not imaginable with the exterior door taken off. 

“I just really feel like youngsters are at all times looked at like they’re unhealthy, or they’re just a risk,” said McBride.

“They’re nonetheless human, and they still deserve that privateness and that second of solitude while they are within the toilet. I simply don’t agree with it.” 

No stall doors have been got rid of, the board emphasised, and external doors have simplest been taken off the place sightlines nonetheless permit for privateness. 

The board mentioned a few mirrors have also been moved, to prevent other people strolling via from seeing a reflection of those inside the washroom.

‘you are going to get rid of that little little bit of sanctity’

Education professor Jennifer Ingrey additionally thinks the move is a contravention of privateness — and questions the school board’s motivation.

Some Waterloo region high schools taking doors off washrooms for 'safety reasons'

Jennifer Ingrey is an assistant professor on the Western University Faculty of Training. (Submitted by way of Jennifer Ingrey)

“I Do Not understand any reasonable purpose for going to these lengths in the name of discipline,” said Ingrey, an assistant professor in the instructor education program at Western University, whose analysis contains transgender studies and school areas.

Ingrey mentioned the exterior door adds any other layer of security beyond the stall itself, which doesn’t supply full protection. 

She’s particularly fascinated with how the elimination of washroom doors may affect students who are transgender, or who’ve disabilities. But she mentioned any student who might want to duck into the toilet for a second to gather themselves could be affected by the move. 

“you are going to take away that little sanctity that they might perhaps have,” she stated. 

Sackville, N.B., college reverses decision to take down washroom doorways

Jennifer West-Barker, who also has a kid at Jacob Hespeler Secondary School, mentioned she has extra mixed feelings concerning the amendment. 

at the one hand, she mentioned, scholars rely on the toilet as a spot to head and loosen up or shed a few tears if they wish to. 

Some Waterloo region high schools taking doors off washrooms for 'safety reasons'

the college board said some mirrors have additionally been moved, to prevent folks strolling by from seeing a mirrored image of these throughout the washroom. (Submitted through Ashley McBride)

at the other hand, West-Barker stated the purpose of school is for college students to be informed — to not join up with their buddies in the rest room. 

“I’m a little torn at the matter,” she stated. 

As for McBride, she believes the mirrors and doors should be put again. 

Asked if the board may consider replacing the doors, a spokesperson mentioned the modification “will also be re-evaluated.” 

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