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Sure, we all want pearly whites, but most of us fail to recognize the impact of good oral health on the rest of our wellbeing. Aside from getting validation in the dentist’s chair, maintaining good dental hygiene has plenty of benefits. If you need a little help in the teeth brushing department, it might be time to think about investing in a good electric toothbrush. The AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush is a top-rated pick, and right now, you can purchase one with a travel case and eight Dupont brush heads for just $39.99 at 71% off the usual price.

The AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush is designed to remove 10 times more plaque than your cheap, traditional toothbrush, thanks to an impressive and powerful 40,000 VPM motor. By using the AquaSonic, your teeth get some serious TLC, with users seeing their gum health improve in as little as one week.

Aside from improving oral health, the AquaSonic also has some great physical benefits too — like dissolving tough stains and whitening your teeth as it cleans. This deal also gives you access to a travel case that lets you take it along anywhere (so you have no excuses and continue to get that deep clean, even on vacation!) and extra brush heads when it comes time to swap yours out.

With 4.6 stars on Amazon and over 47,000 reviews and an impressive Amazon’s Choice designation, it’s easy to see customers are loving this electric toothbrush. Stephen loved the way the toothbrush guides his cleaning, noting, “This toothbrush is timed for 4 different locations, upper/outside, lower/outside, upper/inside and lower/inside so there is no guess work on how much time is needed to brush your teeth.” And Dwight was impressed with the battery life and feeling after brushing, “I just love the sonic action of the toothbrush and the battery life between the number of uses. The feel of weight and balance of the toothbrush and the feeling after brushing is great.”

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Take action to improve your oral health with this amazing deal. Get the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case with 8 Dupont Brush Heads for just $39.99 for a very limited time.

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