Sask. woman survives 14-hour ordeal in swirling blizzard with help from nearby stranger

Shannon St. Onge discovered herself in the thick of a blizzard on Monday night time, misplaced on a Saskatchewan highway and peering out the front window of her window for a glimpse of the road. 

With a bit of luck — and the help of a stranger in Vancouver who saw a Facebook submit — she and six others have been saved by means of an EIGHTY-year-old retiree who walked in the course of the whirling snow to help them. 

“after we arrived to his house, and that i parked the automobile, I were given out and jumped into his arms and gave him a great large undergo hug,” she stated. “i was sobbing with gratitude, i was so thankful.”   

Monday began as a regular day for St. Onge, who lives in Pense, Sask. She drove the roughly 25 kilometres east into Regina for work.

“i wanted to go into the workplace to sign a cheque. i assumed it would not take very long,” stated St. Onge, who’s the director of finance with First Countries University of Canada.

Shannon St. Onge was rescued from a Saskatchewan snowstorm by an 80-year-vintage guy Monday evening. (Shannon St. Onge/Facebook)

PAY ATTENTION | St. Onge mentioned her ordeal to host Ted Deller at the Morning Adaptation: 

Sask. woman survives 14-hour ordeal in swirling blizzard with help from nearby stranger
10:5980-yr-vintage Sask. farmer helps shop girl stranded in snowstorm

Getting walloped through storms is a fact of existence on the prairies. Jan. 31 was no exception. a woman from Pense, Sask. used to be a number of the folks stranded in that hurricane, however in her case she were given a few lend a hand from a stranger in Vancouver. 10:59

She stored a watch on freeway stipulations inside the day, so she knew in regards to the forecasted snow fall, however concept she can make it. With Out giving it a lot idea, she filled up her automobile, picked up a new telephone charger and acquired a few pizza for her kids’ dinner. The Ones movements could help her get via a 14-hour ordeal in the whiteout hurricane.

She took a dust road as a result of she idea it will be better for the iciness driving stipulations, but whiteout stipulations left her puzzled and lost.

Sask. woman survives 14-hour ordeal in swirling blizzard with help from nearby stranger

Whiteout stipulations on Monday evening left motorists like Shannon St. Onge stranded on highways. (Shannon St. Onge/Facebook)

She drove at a snail’s pace along with her window rolled down, the use of the edge of the road as her guide. After some time she discovered she was misplaced.

“there was no visibility, and there has been no means i was going any further, as a result of it would were some distance too unhealthy.” 

She pulled over and called 911. The operator advised she wait the hurricane out, as a result of she used to be heat and parked with a whole tank of gasoline.

“Might the fuel tank last until morning? What if i was hit by means of any other car? What if I fell asleep and the tailpipe was blocked? What if i did not make it house in any respect?” she questioned, in line with a later Facebook put up.

Citizens of Hague, Sask., soak up stranded drivers as snowfall closes highwaysAlberta Clipper bringing blizzard conditions throughout southern Saskatchewan

St. Onge recomposed herself and went into problem-fixing mode. She could make out a sign that stated “Bouvier Lane,” giving her a few feel of where she was once. She were given the speculation to pin her location on Google maps.

She published her location at the Pense neighborhood Fb page. Group individuals started guessing at the place she used to be situated. One guy — who happened to be in the beginning from Pense, however now lives in Vancouver — discovered her location. 

“He personal messaged me and said, ‘I recognize that circle of relatives. Ship me your telephone quantity and that i’ll touch their son,'” St. Onge mentioned. 

Andre Bouvier Sr. was doing a little family tree research while he were given the decision approximately St. Onge’s plea for help. He decided to help her out, despite his wife’s worry for his smartly-being heading out within the typhoon.

The 80-yr-antique retiree tried to start his tractor, but it was useless. 

He bundled up, grabbed an LED flashlight and walked about a quarter mile into the raging hurricane to search for St. Onge’s car. He knew he may just walk to the place she was once as lengthy as he stayed on the street.

“The worst part used to be the wind. Halfway there, I needed to placed my mitts in entrance of my eyes,” he stated.

Sask. woman survives 14-hour ordeal in swirling blizzard with help from nearby stranger

Stranger in Vancouver is helping Sask. woman to find lend a hand she needed to get house effectively in snowfall

10 hours ago

Duration ZERO:24

a lady from Pense, Sask. who used to be stranded in Monday’s snow storm made it house correctly after social media helped connect her to a nearby farmer. ZERO:24

To Bouvier’s surprise, he found different cars with individuals who also wanted lend a hand stranded along St. Onge.

He led the seven stranded other people again to his house and welcomed them in for the night time. 

“They fed us, laughed with us, bonded with us, and gave us blankets, pillows and a warm place to relax our eyes for a few hours,” mentioned St. Onge. 

At 5:00 a.m. CST,  Bouvier plowed his driveway for his guests. By FIVE:30 a.m., the motorists had been again on the street, regardless of sub-par stipulations.

St. Onge has made new buddies thru this ordeal. Bouvier become a hero overnight. His son and daughter shared a video St. Onge’s made concerning the ordeal and it went viral.

Bouvier didn’t wish much credit score for his efforts for a stranger in want.

“Everyone would have performed the same thing,” he mentioned. “you don’t take into accounts it, you simply do it.”

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