Quadriga CEO’s widow speaks out over his death and the missing crypto millions

The widow of the man at the back of what was once Canada’s largest cryptocurrency trade is after all sharing her aspect of the tale after his sudden demise three years ago.

Gerald Cotten used to be just 30 while he died in India in December 2018. He took to his grave the passcodes that locked approximately $250 million in other folks’s property in his change, QuadrigaCX.

within the months that adopted, investigators uncovered that Cotten had been moving cash from the alternate into his private bills and tasty in other suspicious behaviour. 

Jennifer Robertson instructed CBC’s The Nationwide she knew nothing of the widespread fraud her husband had dedicated. 

“I simply really hated the questions, like, it appeared that I should have known,” Robertson told CBC’s Andrew Chang.

“I Have already stated it 1,000,000 occasions now: i do not understand.… I Am tired of defending myself for one thing i did not do.”

Quadriga CEO's widow speaks out over his death and the missing crypto millions

Jennifer Robertson and Gerald Cotten married in 2018. Cotten died later that same year of headaches from Crohn’s illness, while the couple was on a honeymoon in India. (Candace Berry Pictures)

Robertson isn’t underneath research and has never faced felony charges. After Cotten’s death, she agreed to forfeit $12 million in assets that integrated automobiles and actual estate. She was once allowed to keep $NINETY,000 in money, $20,000 in retirement savings, a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, $15,000 in furniture and a few jewelry, together with her marriage ceremony band. 

She stated desires to move on along with her life and hopes her new ebook, BitCoin Widow: Love, Betrayal and the Lacking Millions, is the overall chapter of the Quadriga scandal. 

Love tale began via swiping right

The couple’s courting started in 2017 whilst Robertson swiped proper on Cotten’s Tinder profile. 

Cotten, 26 on the time, said he labored in bitcoin. because the cryptocurrency soared in price, Robertson and Cotten lived a lifetime of luxurious that integrated exotic holidays, luxury vehicles, a yacht and a Cessna airplane.  

Quadriga CEO's widow speaks out over his death and the missing crypto millions

Robertson and Cotten had in the past travelled to exotic places, staying in pricey inns. (Submitted via Jennifer Robertson)

The Usage Of Cotten’s cash, Robertson started her personal actual property corporate and controlled greater than a dozen homes.

Early on, Robertson was also processing budget — appearing as a funnel for purchaser money — on behalf of QuadrigaCX.

Robertson continues she knew little about the corporate’s inner workings, and in large part did as she was once instructed.

“I hadn’t understood how Quadriga had held money within the first position; i believed it used to be only a business,” she said. “There were many stuff about Quadriga that i did not take note.”

Cotten ran Quadriga like a Ponzi scheme

Investigative reporters Amy Castor and Takara Small have spent years following and reporting at the Quadriga scandal. 

Castor said Cotten operated Quadriga like a Ponzi scheme. “Each Time folks placed their cash into the trade, he sort of used it as his personal slush fund,” she mentioned.

A dying in Cryptoland: The Story of Gerald Cotten and QuadrigaCX

Small mentioned folks have been bringing duffel luggage of money to the house Cotten and Robertson shared. She wonders why Robertson did not assume to question what used to be happening. 

Robertson stated she trusted Cotten, and any questions had been defined away as a result of banks had been very “anti-bitcoin” and there were problems changing cryptocurrency for cash thru traditional means. 

“It by no means occurred to me that he was breaking the law,” stated Robertson.

“He was the nicest, caring, so much loving husband. He was my best friend.… it is a risk that i used to be dressed in rose-coloured glasses.”

Quadriga CEO's widow speaks out over his death and the missing crypto millions

Cotten’s kitchen counter, displaying money that was dropped at him by means of a Bitcoin ATM corporate. (Ontario Securities Fee)

Robertson mentioned she is aware many of us have been harm and misplaced large sums as a result of the cave in of QuadrigaCX. 

“It has been probably the most improbable pain that i could ever believe,” she mentioned. 

The crypto crash

The 12 months after Robertson met Cotten, the value of cryptocurrency plummeted. As Quadriga shoppers tried to drag their money from the trade, they were met with lengthy waits to get entry to their price range. 

It didn’t take long for the withdrawals to change into more than Quadriga’s profits.

there were different financial problems for Cotten, too: CIBC had frozen $26 million of the company’s price range as a result of “suspicious task” and some other $10 million used to be locked away by a software trojan horse. 

Quadriga CEO's widow speaks out over his death and the missing crypto millions

Cotten is shown together with his two canines. He left $ONE HUNDRED,000 in his will for his or her care. (Jennifer Robertson)

Amid turmoil within the cryptocurrency marketplace, Cotten and Robertson got married and determined to shuttle to Jaipur, India, for their honeymoon. Just days ahead of they left, Cotten made out a will, leaving everything to Robertson, except $100,000 he left to take care of his two canines. 

Robertson stated one thing Cotten mentioned around the time they had been drawing up the need did not take a seat proper along with her. 

“He additionally mentioned that the trade might die with out him,” she stated. “And I remember that asking him that within the car, like, ‘What do you imply via that? you do not have like … Aaron Matthews Quadriga’s director of operations or anyone that may have the option to keep the corporate on?’

“And he was once like, ‘No, I’m the only one with banking connections, I Am the one one who knows the way to work it.’ And That I did think that was bizarre.”

Questions surrounding Cotten’s death

The cases around Cotten’s unexpected dying left buyers with questions.

How may a reputedly healthy younger man die from headaches with Crohn’s disease? Why did Robertson wait a month to notify traders of his demise? 

Robertson stated “the whole lot was once crazy” after Cotten died and her attorneys have been those who made up our minds to attend weeks ahead of letting traders find out about Cotten’s demise.

“I did let that visit the legal professionals and the contractors, and that i trusted that they knew what to do,” she said.

Different pink flags raised via traders surrounding Cotten’s dying included his title being spelled incorrectly on the dying certificate and his closed casket funeral. That ended in hypothesis that Cotten would possibly have faked his personal demise.

Quadriga CEO's widow speaks out over his death and the missing crypto millions

Cotten is proven on his computer throughout considered one of his journeys with Robertson. (Jennifer Robertson)

After Michael Perklin met Cotten at a cryptocurrency meetup, they was buddies and Perklin later became an investor. While he lost hundreds of greenbacks when Quadriga close down, he said adding up the losses of friends and circle of relatives to whom he had recommended the buying and selling platform, the whole sits at more than $1 million.

Perklin mentioned he has no evidence Cotten continues to be alive, then again. “Everything that I knew approximately Gerry turns out to had been a lie. However taking a look on the knowledge that I do realize now, I do assume he’d be the sort of one who may just orchestrate that.”

Small stated exhuming the body can be a method to put those theories to rest.

“A Few folks think Gerald continues to be alive, someplace — he’s at the beach, sipping a Mai Tai; he’s making the most of all of the millions that had been stolen from traders. And exhuming the body would be a really large step. it’d be a form of closure for a few folks,” stated Small.

Quadriga CEO's widow speaks out over his death and the missing crypto millions

Robertson told CBC Information she knew nothing of the fashionable fraud her husband had devoted.  (Submitted by way of Jennifer Robertson )

Robertson stated whilst she is not firmly against the speculation of an exhumation, she was with Cotten whilst he died. “I noticed Gerry die, i was retaining his hand whilst he gave up the ghost. It was once a bad, bad moment,” she mentioned.

Roberston mentioned she’s sorry for Cotten’s movements and the hurt he’s caused. 

“i might have never, ever stolen from folks. And the truth that he did what he did — I elevate his shame with me. And That I’ll carry that disgrace with me, more than likely, every single day for the remainder of my existence,” she mentioned.

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