P.E.I. can resume exporting potatoes to Puerto Rico Wednesday

The U.s. has agreed to let imports of P.E.I. table stock potatoes to Puerto Rico resume as of Wednesday.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack made the declaration in a news liberate Tuesday.

“it’s very important that we base our agricultural trade choices on sound science,” Vilsack said in the free up. “After taking into consideration Puerto Rico’s low risk for potato wart due to climate prerequisites, besides because the lack of a business potato manufacturing business at the island, we’re confident that with appropriate mitigations in position this industry can resume correctly, and the U.S. potato business will remain protected.”

Certain stipulations regarding issues such as labelling will follow as potato shipments resume to the U.S. territory, in keeping with the place of job of Canadian Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau.

P.E.I. potatoes may just head to Puerto Rico inside of 2 weeks, minister says

On Nov. 21, the Canadian Meals Inspection Agency suspended the export of recent P.E.I. potatoes to the U.s. and its territory of Puerto Rico following the invention of potato wart in Island fields.

on the time, CFIA officials said they had been appearing in order that American officials didn’t impose a unilateral ban that may be harder to get lifted.

that call brought to a unexpected halt exports that are on a regular basis worth about $120 million in keeping with yr to the P.E.I. economic system.

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On Jan. 27, Bibeau and P.E.I. MP Lawrence MacAulay met with Vilsack and his officials in Washington, D.C. to try to get the marketplace reopened. 

Tuesday’s news on the Puerto Rico entrance followed a decision related to Bibeau and Vilsack.

“because the govt of Canada has stated all along, exports of P.E.I. desk inventory potatoes to Puerto Rico represent a negligible possibility for the transmission of potato wart, for the reason that Puerto Rico does not produce business potatoes and that we have now robust and effective chance mitigation measures in position,” Bibeau mentioned in an email remark to CBC.

Bibeau said the United States Animal and Plant Health Inspection Provider (APHIS) is currently working on an expedited approach on their analysis for importing P.E.I. table stock potatoes to the continental United States Of America.

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