‘I felt very worthless’: 3 P.E.I. women share their experiences dealing with police after alleged druggings

Caution: This story accommodates aggravating main points of sexual assault. a listing of resources for individuals who have experienced sexual violence appears at the end. 

it’s been nearly 12 years for the reason that Shawna Perry, 31, watched in disbelief as police closed her case despite the medical exam and rape equipment she says found proof of foreign DNA and medicine in her body.

A decade later, she still has questions about her case and the way it was handled. for just about three weeks, she’s been seeking to access her police document — with out success.

“It seems like nobody is simply too interested by helping,” she not too long ago advised CBC News. 

as well as to Perry, two other Island ladies — Rebecca Shepherd and Maddy Duffy — say they stated to police that they believed they’d been drugged, and that their reviews coping with Charlottetown Police Services left them feeling dejected and humiliated. 

the ladies are talking out following a CBC Information investigation that showed police made up our minds towards investigating 17 studies of drink spiking, a lot of them from 2010 and 2011, that have been presented to them in June 2021.

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CBC Information also revealed that no person has faced prison charges for drink tampering in relation to 16 studies separately dropped at Charlottetown police over the final twenty years.

since the research was published, 18 other people have spoken to CBC Information or disclosed on social media that they suspect they have been drugged on P.E.I. the bulk of these complainants stated they didn’t report to police, in part as a result of they did not consider the police would be capable of assist them.

CBC Information sought to speak with Charlottetown Police Products And Services in regards to the dozens of reputable and unofficial experiences, in addition as the allegations on this story made by means of the women who got here ahead to CBC approximately their interactions with the pressure, but gained no reply to those requests. 

'I felt very worthless': 3 P.E.I. women share their experiences dealing with police after alleged druggings

Shawna Perry, 31, desires Islanders to grasp that individuals who’ve skilled drink-spiking occupy all walks of lifestyles, from business leaders to teachers to specialists. She’s talking out to present a face to one of the 16 police complaints that didn’t result in fees. (Kirk Pennell/CBC Information)

On Wednesday, when Charlottetown Police Leader Brad MacConnell was reached in an instant by way of telephone, he said it was now not an even time, and asked that an appointment be scheduled along with his assistant, ahead of placing up. the following request for an appointment has no longer brought on a answer. 

‘My entire lifestyles kind of changed’

Shawna Perry says she’s worked laborious to forgive the person accountable for what happened to her in 2010, and has built a existence in Summerside, P.E.I., that incorporates a husband, youngsters and a successful trade.

She has forgiven — but she hasn’t forgotten.

Perry used to be completing a bartending shift on the downtown bar Velvet Underground in January 2010. She says a small crew of buddies recommended they have got a pair of drinks at her Brown’s Court Docket rental after remaining.

She says five folks shared bottles of wine.

She made it to mattress, and the final thing she saw earlier than blacking out was once the face of considered one of the two males who have been within the rental, her from the hallway.

Because there have been supplies found in my exams, i believed that will play into my favour. i believed they were going to help.- Shawna Perry

Perry’s former roommate, who spoke to CBC Information, stated she arrived house the following morning to search out where in disarray. Her inflammation turned to concern while she saw Perry.

Perry stated she aroused from sleep feeling like she’d been hit by way of a automotive; there has been blood splattered on her bedsheets and on her pajamas. She says she had vaginal lacerations so serious they’d later need to be stitched up via a gynecologist. Her hands had been bruised. Her lip was once bleeding. 

Her roommate took her to the health facility for a rape kit. 

‘I don’t feel like I’m being heard’

at the medical institution, Perry mentioned medical body of workers took photos, did swabs and gathered blood and urine samples. She says the check effects showed drugs in her machine. She’s unsure of the name of the drug, however mentioned the physician defined it used to be a kind well-known in circumstances of drug-assisted sexual attack.

“As A Result Of there have been components found in my tests, i thought that might play into my favour. i thought they had been going to assist,” she stated.

'I felt very worthless': 3 P.E.I. women share their experiences dealing with police after alleged druggings

the women interviewed for this tale had been instructed they must write to the executive of Charlottetown Police Services And Products in order to access the police recordsdata on their particular person cases. (Pat Martel/CBC)

After being discharged from the medical institution, she and two officials went back to Perry’s condominium. where used to be untouched from the evening earlier than. Perry involved that the alcohol and wine glasses within the sink may make police not take her case critically.

“I simply had that feeling, that intestine feeling that, you realize, this is not going to move far and i do not feel like I’m being heard and they are not taking the rest I Am saying significantly,” she said.

Perry says a male officer asked her what she have been dressed in. The question made her really feel uneasy; she says she felt like she was being shamed. She described the black skirt and grey V-neck blouse she wore to have a tendency bar. He wrote it down. 

She says the officer wanted to know whether she had invited the two males in attendance to stay in her condominium. She mentioned she’d told one in all them that he could crash on her couch so that he did not drink and force.

“But he wasn’t asking anything about a doable violent intercourse crime or anything about the potential of someone placing medicine in my frame,” she stated.

If any person may have walked into my apartment that day, it was once very clear that a sex crime have been dedicated.- Shawna Perry

“If somebody could have walked into my condominium that day, it was very clear that a intercourse crime had been committed.”

Perry says one of the men at her apartment that night admitted to having intercourse with her, but advised police it was consensual. 

She says police requested her if she had ever said no or driven him off her — but she says she could not remember what had happened, because she had been incapacitated due to the drugging.

At her final meeting with police, she was told that police knew she had drugs in her device, and knew she had sex. However they have been unable to hyperlink the 2 issues, or to link the person to the drugging. 

“That broke me for a very long time. My whole existence more or less changed,” she mentioned. “I felt very worthless. I felt very expendable and that i didn’t subject to anybody.”

Perry says officials closed the case on a Wednesday, and on Monday, she dropped out of school. She mentioned the sexual assault, and the way it used to be handled by way of police, brought about her to fall into a deep melancholy.

Police interaction was once ‘completely humiliating’

Maddy Duffy was once at Craft Beer Nook in Charlottetown watching are living tune and having a few drinks with friends on Aug. 8, 2019, when she blacked out.

She later learned from friends and family that she had taken off from the bar — something out of character for her. Her partner, who spoke with CBC News, defined turning his again and then finding she was lacking.

'I felt very worthless': 3 P.E.I. women share their experiences dealing with police after alleged druggings

Maddy Duffy, 26, said she chose to percentage her tale as a result of she felt humiliated through police in 2019, and needs policing to enhance by the time her daughter is an grownup. (Kirk Pennell/CBC)

Her family and pals spent the night on the lookout for her. They called the police to document her lacking. She says the surveillance photos confirmed her behaviour: she broke into a shed on School Avenue, lay out of doors for a while and vomited on her dress.

Hours later, she regained control, and went to a friend’s house in downtown Charlottetown. 

“At that time, i was in surprise,” Duffy said. “All I knew used to be that i wanted to come again house.”

It made me feel like i was a few wasted girl that didn’t have any accountability, that does this every weekend. However if truth be told, we know that’s not precise.- Maddy Duffy

Her father took her to the clinic, fearing Duffy might need been drugged and sexually assaulted.

After reviewing surveillance pictures, Duffy says police dominated out the likelihood that she have been sexually assaulted. Video footage showed she used to be on my own throughout the time she can not take into account that.

Duffy says at the sanatorium, she used to be instructed she couldn’t go to the washroom considering that she should have a toxicology check done, to figure out whether or not she’d been drugged. 

While police lower back, Duffy said they informed her they’d good news: She had no longer been assaulted, she was “only a dangerous under the influence of alcohol.”

“It was humiliating, absolutely humiliating. It made me feel like i was a few wasted girl that didn’t have any responsibility, that does this each and every weekend,” she stated. “But in truth, we know that’s not precise.” 

'I felt very worthless': 3 P.E.I. women share their experiences dealing with police after alleged druggings

Duffy was once looking at reside music and having a few beverages with buddies on Aug. 8, 2019, while she blacked out and left the bar. Her pals and family launched a frantic seek for her. (CBC)

To get herself out of the situation, she requested if she could use the washroom. The officer mentioned yes. While she returned, the ER physician requested her what had came about, and why she had long gone to the washroom, on account that the doctor had nonetheless wanted to do the take a look at.

Duffy says she nonetheless lives with the uncertainty over whether she had been drugged. 

“i feel love it was a bit untimely of them to close that research. i think like on account that I wasn’t sexually assaulted, which was a relief to them, obviously, that they felt, ‘OK, case done, whatever’ … i think like they majorly ignored the mark in no longer considering that I nonetheless may just were drugged,” she stated.

“on every occasion i go out now, there is always that thought that it could occur once more.”

Case closed and ‘tied with a ribbon’

in the fall of 2020, Rebecca Shepherd used to be shocked to receive a sequence of Snapchat messages from an acquaintance she hadn’t heard from in 10 years.

The messages instructed that intercourse acts passed off among Shepherd, the acquaintance and another guy while she was once impaired. She believes this took place in 2010 or 2011, as a result of that is while she knew those males.

Shepherd is a convalescing addict. She used to be addicted to opiates at this time, however stated her drug use by no means caused her to black out. She says she has no recollection of these events from about a decade ago.

'I felt very worthless': 3 P.E.I. women share their experiences dealing with police after alleged druggings

Rebecca Shepherd said her enjoy with Charlottetown police investigators left her feeling ‘disregarded like i don’t topic, now not value a second idea.’ (Submitted through Rebecca Shepherd)

When Shepherd countered that what the acquaintance was once describing was once sexual assault, he spoke back that it had been consensual. 

Shepherd, now 29, believes the messages display a drug-assisted sexual attack had been devoted. Wanting lend a hand to get to the ground of it, she went to Charlottetown Police with screenshots of the dialog.

i hope in the long run, others in scenarios very similar to mine or somebody searching for assist from police do not obtain the kind of behavior, behaviour, and disrespect i have been proven.- Rebecca Shepherd

Shepherd’s emails show that in spite of in quest of an update almost weekly, she did not obtain a reply from the investigator for six weeks. 

The officer apologized for the lengthen when he did respond. He also knowledgeable her the case could be closed given that, as well as to her having no memory of the incident, he had interviewed the 2 men. He said one didn’t take into account that the incident, and the opposite said it used to be consensual. 

Upset by means of the lack of communique she had experienced, Shepherd asked a talk with the officer’s awesome. 

Shepherd shared her notes from that decision with CBC Information. She wrote that some of the best mentioned the officer felt “he closed the case and tied it with a ribbon in those eight weeks.”

An e mail from Shepherd to the investigator about her experience summed up her sentiment, concluding, “i hope within the future, others in situations very similar to mine or somebody in quest of assist from police do not obtain the kind of conduct, behaviour, and disrespect i’ve been proven. Being neglected like i do not subject, now not price a second thought.”

Changing necessities, calls not again

In contemporary weeks, all three girls requested access to their very own police studies. First Of All, all of them have been told one by one to reach on the police station right through work hours with their id so as to get right of entry to their instances.

Due To The Fact That then, each of them has been advised she might additionally want to write to the manager of police so as to access her report. 

Shawna Perry has discovered the method of looking to get entry to her document and handle police tough. 

“it has been emotionally laborious seeking to get the police to co-operate with me and it is draining my power,” she mentioned, noting she is at the brink of giving up.

In November, following CBC’s file on drink spiking, Rachael Crowder, executive director of the P.E.I. Rape and Sexual Assault Centre, mentioned the organization met with Leader MacConnell in a while after the file was revealed.

'I felt very worthless': 3 P.E.I. women share their experiences dealing with police after alleged druggings

Rachael Crowder, executive director of the P.E.I. Rape and Sexual Assault Centre, was once amongst the ones chatting with a legislative committee in advance this week on the matter of drink tampering at the Island. (Kirk Pennell/CBC)

“He expressed interest in developing a collaborative relationship with the P.E.I. Rape and Sexual Assault Centre to address the worries of survivors of sexual violence that have been raised lately with reference to the reporting of drugging-similar sexual attacks, as well as other reporting issues in the previous,” Crowder mentioned at the time.

In an interview from September, the performing deputy chief of the Charlottetown Police Products And Services, Jennifer McCarron, said it is difficult to analyze drink tampering, partly as a result of the reminiscence loss. She also mentioned steadily, there may be no forensic evidence, or even whilst there’s, it is tough to end up who put the drug in the drink.

“We’re looking to grasp folks accountable, but we now have to have the evidence to back it up,” McCarron said. “To turn out beyond an affordable doubt that a person put one thing in someone’s drink, i believe that is where the investigation will get extremely tough.”

Difficult, but now not unimaginable. Different Maritime jurisdictions have observed fees laid for drink tampering, identified legally as administering a noxious substance.

Due To The Fact 2001, FIFTY NINE charges have been laid in New Brunswick, and ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE had been laid in Nova Scotia.

'I felt very worthless': 3 P.E.I. women share their experiences dealing with police after alleged druggings

Jennifer McCarron, appearing deputy chief of the Charlottetown Police Carrier, will seem in front of the P.E.I. Standing Committee on Health and Social Development on Friday to talk approximately how the force investigates allegations of drink tampering. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

The Fredericton police carrier, which oversees a city of 59,000 folks — about 20,000 more than Charlottetown — says it has won six lawsuits in two decades, and two resulted in fees.

officials from the Charlottetown Police Provider, McCarron and Det./Cst Tara Watts, are set to appear in entrance of the P.E.I. Standing Committee on Well Being and Social Development on Dec. 10 to talk about the issues and challenges surrounding investigations into drink tampering on the Island.

There are tools and helps available to someone who has experienced sexual violence:

Rise P.E.I.  / Telephone or text: 902-218-6143 P.E.I. Rape and Sexual Assault Centre / Call: 902-368-8055 or 1-888-368-8055 Here Is a listing of sexual attack centres, crisis traces and reinforce products and services elsewhere in Canada.

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