He loved his high school so much, he came back to teach. Now he’s vice-principal

CBC Quebec is highlighting other folks from the province’s Black communities who are giving again, inspiring others and helping to shape our long term. Those are the Black Changemakers.

Leo Scantlebury has walked the corridors of Howard S. Billings Regional Highschool for more years than its present student inhabitants has been alive.

From student, to trainer, and now to vice-important, Leo Scantlebury has trustworthy so much of his lifestyles to the high school in Châteauguay, Que., on Montreal’s South Shore.

As a ways as he is concerned, he is got a lot more to offer. He’s made up our minds to assist enhance the school and beef up its recognition.

Scantlebury graduated from Howard S. Billings in 1989, returning two decades later, in 2008, to show bodily education, math and ethics, in addition as to coach a couple of sports activities teams.

He used to be named to his present position in 2019.

“I Am usually the massive man whilst it comes to self-discipline in the school,” stated Scantlebury. it is a position for which he said he’s neatly-suitable.

“it is a little bit more straightforward for me to be a disciplinarian right here because i have the distinction of all the scholars.”

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of that role, he stated, due to the tension it has put on both scholars and workforce.

“I Am all the time in a position to assist and take heed to the kids,” he said. “However I’m also right here to help the teachers, as well.”

Scantlebury is “very mindful” of the reality that he’s a pacesetter in a school with a large Black inhabitants — as far as he is aware of, the first Black person in a senior administrative position on the New Frontiers College Board.

“A Lot of the children are of a West Indian history, African background, so it is easy to narrate to them. I have in mind a lot in their struggles,” he stated.

“I try to be kind of like a role model to all of the kids, besides to let them understand that i am right here for them.”

Scantlebury stated his enjoy training high school athletes has helped him in his function as vice-principal, and it is why he is “not on a regular basis yelling and screaming” while handing out detentions or other kinds of punishment.

“you have got to give you the option to reach youngsters if you end up coaching, to assist them attain their doable,” he said.

“it is the same with self-discipline…. You may wish to throw the e-book at them, but you want to really feel for them in addition. you’ve got to remember that they’re youngsters.”

Scantlebury loves his college and the neighborhood he grew up in.

“I Am proud that i’m a part of Châteauguay, and i have been a citizen in Châteauguay for fifty years,” he said.

“to see all of the Black people that are entering into Châteauguay and coming to our school, it’s a stunning thing. I Am very pleased with it.”

The Black Changemakers is a distinct collection spotting people who, regardless of background or trade, are pushed to create a positive affect in their neighborhood. From tackling issues to showing small gestures of kindness on an everyday basis, those changemakers are making a distinction and galvanizing others. Meet the entire changemakers right here.

He loved his high school so much, he came back to teach. Now he's vice-principal

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