Alberta premier asks justice minister to ‘step back’ over phone call to police chief

Alberta Highest Quality Jason Kenney says he has asked Justice Minister Kaycee Madu to step again from his ministerial duties at the same time as an impartial assessment examines if there was interference within the administration of justice after Madu phoned the Edmonton police chief relating to a distracted using nice.

The request follows a CBC News story Monday that exposed Madu had phoned Edmonton police chief Dale McFee to discuss a distracted riding price ticket he was issued on March 10, 2021. 

In a late-night time assertion on Twitter, Kenney mentioned that Alberta Power Minister Sonya Savage will act as Minister of Justice and Solicitor General all through Minister Madu’s leave of absence.

i’ve spoken with Minister Madu in regards to the March 10 incident said in the media these days.

I conveyed to him my profound disappointment in his decision to contact the Edmonton Police Leader after receiving a price ticket for a site visitors violation.




The highest quality stated he will be appointing an independent investigator to check related info and resolve whether or not there has been interference in the management of justice in this case. The findings of this overview can be made public, he mentioned. 

“within the intervening time duration, i have asked Minister Madu to step back from his ministerial tasks,” Kenney wrote.

Kenney mentioned that Madu informed him that he did not ask to have the ticket rescinded, and it wasn’t his intention to intrude within the case, and that he paid the ticket.

Alberta premier asks justice minister to 'step back' over phone call to police chief

Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu was fined for distracted driving in March 2021, in line with a visitors price ticket obtained by means of CBC Information. (CBC)

In a statement to CBC Information Monday, prior to Kenney’s announcement, Madu showed the incident and that he had already paid the price tag in complete.

He mentioned he called McFee because he wanted to ensure he used to be no longer being “unlawfully surveilled” following a controversy surrounding the Lethbridge Police Provider.

At that point, the provincial government was once preparing to step in after reviews of unlawful surveillance and database searches performed through Lethbridge officials on NDP MLA Shannon Phillips during her time as surroundings minister. 

Madu, who is Black, stated he wanted to carry considerations around about racial profiling with the manager.


Alberta justice minister fined for distracted driving, known as police chief approximately price ticket

“Leader McFee assured me that that was once almost definitely no longer the case, and that i universal him at his phrase…to be abundantly transparent, at no point did I request that the price ticket be rescinded. i’d by no means do this.

“Then Again, in that exact call, I remorseful about raising the issue in any respect with the manager McFee,” Madu stated. 

McFee has confirmed that Madu did not ask to get out of the ticket, and that Madu expressed concern about other people of colour being stopped by police and political pressure with the Lethbridge Police Carrier.

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