3 Vancouver Island cats hold owners’ blender hostage — for a month

In a standoff that has lasted nearly a month, 3 cats primarily based in Langford, on southern Vancouver Island, have attempted to claim ownership of a blender box — a saga that has involved social media users worldwide.

it all started on Dec. SIXTEEN, in step with Nikii Gerson-Neeves, one in every of the trio’s human owners, while she introduced in a brand new Vitamix blender and left the nonetheless-unopened, knee-top box on the kitchen floor.

Her 4-yr-old tuxedo cat, Max, instantly jumped on the field, bemusing Nikii’s wife Jessica, who took an image and uploaded it to a Fb crew that celebrates chunky cats.

By Means Of morning the situation had escalated: Max’s 13-year-old siblings, George (Destroyer of Worlds) and Lando Calrissian, had taken an interest in the Vitamix box, too. From there, Nikii says, things spiralled out of keep watch over.


“We Are creeping up on a month. It has been just shy of a month, that’s ridiculous,” Jessica stated.

it is a month that has observed the couple deprived of the blender as their 3 fluffballs, all rescue cats, take turns atop their field perch, and their Fb page explode in popularity.

“when we began the web page now we have for the cats on Fb … it had around 50 followers, something like that,” Nikii said. “Now over 19,000 people follow the web page.”

Max, George and Lando have made their household well-known, with stories of the cats’ antics going beyond the shorelines of Vancouver Island.

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“There are people commenting, ‘Hey, from Italy!’, ‘We saw this on our information in Australia,'” Jessica stated. “Like, what?”

“Any Person despatched us a put up translated into Chinese the other day … it’s all over the place,” Nikii stated.

“Cat videos move viral the entire time, you simply never expect it to be your cats.”

3 Vancouver Island cats hold owners' blender hostage — for a month

George (Destroyer of Worlds) is observed occupying the blender box as his siblings take a seat at the ground. (Jessica Gerson-Neeves)

Decoy containers

After days of being disadvantaged in their dear blender, the couple hatched a plan to get the cats off their new throne. They reached out to Vitamix to invite the corporate for some dummy boxes. 

“We concept that they could get a kick out of the way a lot the cats had fallen in love with this,” Jessica said. “in the event that they determined to … send alongside 3 empty bins, nice, it will likely be a great chuckle for everyone concerned.”

That’s precisely what the company did.


The couple has strengthened considered one of the decoy containers, filling it with subject matter so a cat can sit down on it and not fall via.

Now, the pictures show two cats sitting on packing containers in the couple’s kitchen. 

3 Vancouver Island cats hold owners' blender hostage — for a month

The couple now has a few decoy boxes aimed toward wrangling their blender clear of their 3 cats, however has handiest bolstered one so far, with Lando and Max occupying thrones. (Jessica Gerson-Neeves)

Making people satisfied

The combat over the Vitamix box has been a much-wanted distraction amid the cycle of grim news within the province, according to the couple.

“in fact, we’re not if truth be told being held hostage, we will be able to transfer the cats anytime we wanted,” Jessica stated. “that is about having one thing sweet and fun and whimsical and silly.”

“there has been a girl who stated, ‘I’m a COVID nurse in an ICU ward, and every day ahead of i get out of the automobile to head into work, I read the newest post and i chortle.'”

3 Vancouver Island cats hold owners' blender hostage — for a month

The month-lengthy feud between the 3 cats has from time to time noticed violence. Right Here, Max paws at Lando to check out and get atop the Vitamix field. (Jessica Gerson-Neeves)

Jessica says she desires other people to give a contribution to their local animal rescue and undertake their very own cats in the event that they can.

“it’s not large and consequential. it isn’t historically newsworthy,” Nikki introduced.

“it’s not top stakes, however it’s making other people satisfied and that’s not nothing.”

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